Bud Media Network For Publishers

Generate more revenue. Integrate our API, Header Bidder, or SDK into your site or application. With the high demand for compliant cannabis digital advertising in legal states today, Bud Meda Network can increase your yield through regular premium demand. Ads are only served to your 21+ site visitors with creative content that is aligned with all local, state and federal advertising regulations.

Integrate Bud Media Network on your
Site or App

Easy to integrate SDK/API or our JavaScript tag to participate in your header bidding strategy.

User Friendly Technology

We’ve created an easy to use solution that is scalable for our publishers. Integrate modern best practices and technologies in an uber easy to use fashion.

Real Time Reporting Dashboard

Log in to see how much traffic you’re sending Bud Media Network and what kind of revenue we are generating against it.

Exist Alongside Current Strategies

No cost to integrate and no disruption of existing monetization strategies while we generate demand for your ad inventory.

Favorable Revenue Split

We want you to have the bigger piece of a bigger pie than your current monetization strategy.