End to end SSP and DSP solutions. Increase yield with the Bud Media Network SSP. Increase reach with the Bud Media Network DSP

We’re an SSP solution for publishers that wish to monetize their ad inventory, a full service media buying group, and a self service Demand Side Platform. We help publishers make more revenue and our advertisers generate new customers through online reach.

Media Buyers

End to End Programmatic Advertising solution connecting media buyers with compliant, safe and scalable digital ad inventory across devices and ad formats. Sourcing publisher supply from the mobile and online world, we increase traffic yield by allowing compliant cannabis advertising to their adult users. We enable legal cannabis businesses with the tools to reach new audiences online on a variety of sites and apps.

Simply put we collect “inventory” from our app and site publishing partners and then sell that supply to advertisers (particularly cannabis businesses) through our strategic marketing services. We help publishers and developers generate safe and scalable revenue while helping advertisers reach more relevant customers across devices and formats.

Bud Media Network is a full service SSP and DSP solution working with publishers and advertisers; pairing ad supply with regular demand. Our expertise and exposure into the budding market for legal cannabis across the United States and our understanding of federal, state and local legislation allows our team to strategically build out ad campaigns that compliantly deliver the right customers for our advertising partners, while increasing yield from ad inventory for our publisher partners.

Cannabis consumers stretch across a wide array of consumer types and consume media on an even wider array of sites and apps. By not limiting our ad supply to only cannabis-centric publishers we can engage adults and compliantly let them know about your business while they browse the web or are in-app.

For Publishers

Connect with our team to learn how we can easily integrate your current monetization workflow via API or SDK. Header bidding fully supported.

For Advertisers

Our full service media buying team or self service DSP solution will work with you to create, execute and manage your online advertising campaign.

For Media Buyers

Our DSP can easily be integrated into your workflow so you can start servicing your cannabis business clients with online media buying across platforms.